Winners & Top Schools: May 2021

Wogaman Middle School and Roosevelt Elementary were named winners in the district's Attendance Grand Slam Competition! The two schools demonstrated the most improvement in attendance throughout the month of May. Principals will be rewarding students for their hard work in the coming weeks.

This month, elementary students will have the opportunity to win a bike on the last day of school for having perfect attendance in June. All students who qualify will be entered into a drawing that will take place on Tuesday, June 29th. Next week, a bike will be on display in each school to remind students to keep up their good attendance for the rest of the month!

Congratulations to the schools with the best attendance rate last month and the most improvement from April to May!

Top 5 Schools:

1. Stivers School for the Arts, 92.80%

2. Horace Mann Elementary, 89.70%

3. Eastmont Elementary, 88.80%

4. Fairview Elementary, 88.60%

5. Cleveland Elementary, 88.00%

Top 5 Most Improved Schools:

1. Roosevelt Elementary, +5.40%

2. Dunbar Early College High School, +2.10%

3. Fairview Elementary, +1.60%

4. David H. Ponitz CTC, +1.20%

5. Ruskin Elementary, +1.10%

*Data includes in-person and remote students.

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