Winners & Top Schools: April 2021

Two schools were named winners in the April "Spring" To 95% Attendance Competition for making the most improvement throughout the month of April.

David H. Ponitz CTC improved in-person attendance by 5.30%, and Charity Adams Earley Girls Academy improved in-person attendance by 3.50%. Congratulations to each school! Principals will pick a reward for students to celebrate their achievement!


Congratulations to the schools with the best attendance rate and most improvement from March to April!

Top 5 Schools:

1. Stivers School for the Arts, 93.40%

2. Fairview Elementary, 89.10%

3. Horace Mann Elementary, 89.00%

4. Eastmont Elementary, 88.80%

5. Cleveland Elementary, 88.70%

Top 5 Most Improved Schools:

1. Fairview Elementary, +3.80%

2. Roosevelt Elementary, +2.50%

3. Thurgood Marshall STEM High School, +2.00%

4. Belle Haven Elementary, +1.90%

5. Westwood Elementary, +1.30%

*Data includes in-person and remote students.

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