Top 5 Schools This Week

Congratulations to the 5 schools with the highest attendance rate this week:

  1. Stivers School for the Arts, 94.35%

  2. Valerie Elementary, 92.36%

  3. River's Edge Montessori, 92.18%

  4. Charity Adams Earley Girls Academy, 91.86%

  5. Horace Mann Elementary, 91.60%

We would also like to congratulate the 5 schools with the most improved attendance rate. Over the last month, the following schools have made the most improvement:

  1. Meadowdale High School, +9.94%

  2. Edison Elementary, +9.62%

  3. Wogaman Middle School, +7.17%

  4. Roosevelt Elementary, +6.51%

  5. Ruskin Elementary, +5.51%

Please continue to encourage good attendance, and reach out to your school if you have any attendance questions or concerns. Parents or guardians can check student attendance at any time by visiting the Home Access Center.

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