"Spring" To 95% Competition + April Attendance Pledge

In celebration of Spring and to continue our momentum toward better attendance, each school will be competing in a “Spring” to 95% Attendance Competition this month.

Each week, the district’s “attendance garden” will be updated online. Schools will have a flower petal colored in for each 1% improvement in weekly attendance. If a school improves by 4%, for example, four flower petals will be colored in. If a school achieves the goal of 95%, the entire flower will be filled in and the 95% leaf will turn green!

At the end of the competition, the most improved schools and all schools that meet the 95% goal will be rewarded with a prize. This might be a classroom movie, pizza, ice cream or something else of the principal’s choosing!

Good Luck!

Earn a $10 Gift Card with the April Attendance Pledge

Students also have the opportunity to earn a $10 Speedway gift card this month, which can be used on gas or in the convenience store, by completing the April Attendance Pledge online.

Students who pledge to attend every day of school in April will be entered into the drawing. Two students from each school will be randomly selected to receive a gift card at the end of the month. Take the pledge here, and good luck!

To view information about your student’s attendance for this school year, please visit the Home Access Center. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your child’s school.

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