Introducing the "Attendance Grand Slam" Competition

The district is excited to announce the May Attendance Competition!

In the baseball-themed "Attendance Grand Slam" contest, schools will make it to 1st, 2nd or 3rd base each week based on their weekly attendance improvement. If a building meets the goal of 95% attendance, the school will hit a home run for that week!

1st base - 1-2.9% improvement

2nd base - 3-4.9% improvemenet

3rd base - 5+% improvement

Home run - 95% attendance

At the end of the contest, any school that averages 95% attendance for the month of May will receive a reward, along with the most improved elementary school and middle/high school.

The principals of the winning schools will once again determine a reward for students. So far, previous winners have had donuts, cookies, school basketball games, and out-of-uniform days to celebrate!

Be sure to also look out for baseball-themed giveaways on social media this month! And remember, be present for a better future!

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