5 Fast Facts about the DPS Attendance Campaign

The Dayton Public Schools continue to make progress toward better student and staff attendance due to the Be Present for a Better Future attendance campaign. Below are five campaign highlights: 

1. An additional 140 students are considered on track this year

Currently, 76.56% of students are considered on track this school year, which is an increase of 1.13% compared to last year. This percentage increase means about 140 more students are on track with their attendance.

Being on track means a student is not chronically absent. At this point in the school year, that means students have missed seven or fewer days.

2. Two schools have average daily attendance rates above 95%

All schools are striving for a 95% average daily attendance rate. Stivers School for the Arts (95.26%) and Horace Mann Elementary (95.14%) have already surpassed this goal. 

3. Dozens of elementary students were awarded UD Basketball tickets for having perfect attendance

Select students with perfect attendance at each DPS elementary school were awarded two UD basketball tickets for upcoming games. 

The number of students with perfect attendance surpassed the number of tickets given to each school, so schools selected winners randomly. 

4. Louise Troy students were rewarded for improved attendance

An important part of the Be Present for a Better Future attendance campaign is rewarding improvements in attendance. Louise Troy demonstrated significant improvement — 7.71%  — from the district’s first Be Present Day to its second. 

As a reward, all students were surprised with pencils, erasers, Be Present rubber bracelets and a visit from Iron Man on Friday, November 1. 

The district has implemented “Be Present Days” on days with historically low attendance, such as holidays that students do not have off and days before and after breaks. More communication than usual goes out reminding parents that students must be in school on these days.

5. 200 Kiser students attended 50 consecutive days

At Kiser Elementary, students who attended 50 consecutive days of school received an ice cream party. To recognize all 50 days of their attendance, students had 50 ice cream toppings to choose from. 

The toppings had been on display in a glass case in the main hallway to remind students to attend school. More than 200 of Kiser’s 568 students ultimately earned the reward.

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