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The Be Present for a Better Future attendance campaign was launched to improve student attendance in the Dayton Public Schools by addressing one of the most significant barriers to student achievement: chronic absenteeism.

Chronic absenteeism refers to missing 10% or more of the school year for any reason (excused and unexcused absences), which varies based on the number of days there have been at any point in the year. Chronically absent students are less likely to be good readers, are less likely to graduate and are less likely to attend college or get a career after high school. 

If children don’t show up for school regularly, they miss out on fundamental reading and math skills and the chance to build a habit of good attendance that will carry them into college and careers. Missing just 10 days of school is associated with a drop in GPA. That's why we ask our students to strive for less than 5 absences a year. We can improve students' lives if they get to school, but getting them to school takes a community-wide effort.

District Goal: 95% attendance rate

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